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Ground Effect Aviation is steadily becoming an industry leader in the provision and assessment of aviation ground theory. We are continually creating innovative and exciting tools for professional and aspiring pilots. Our latest development is this practice examination system which is so much more than just a few questions typed into a database.

The system has been designed to simulate the Civil Aviation Safety Authority's CyberExam assessment process in every way and give candidates a fair assessment of the aeronautical knowledge that will be tested on the actual exam.

Not sure if you're prepared to sit the real exam? Have a go at our practice exams; you'll receive a fair assessment and be tested on the same knowledge and in the same style as you will in the real exam. Our question database houses over 5000 alphanumeric questions and over 1500 randomly generated calculation type questions which mean you'll never see the same exam twice. Do as many as you like!

The system is kept up to date with the latest rules and regulations and is compatible with a range of popular internet browsing software packages including Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. You can use your desktop computer, laptop, smart phone and tablets, exams can be done anywhere at any time.

We offer you the choice of assessment, whether you want a simple pass or fail assessment or the full worked answers, it's completely up to you. All of our questions come complete with worked answers, detailed explanations and helpful hints and tips*.

You'll develop a great exam technique and with consistent high achievements on our system, you can be confident going onto the real thing! We've spent just as much time on the incorrect responses for each question as the correct answers.

We have carefully introduced incorrect responses based on the most common errors, which ensures that a high result in these exams ensures you have a thorough understanding of the tested knowledge.

Ground Effect Aviation also conducts a wide range of theory courses that caters to all pilots. Please visit the Ground Effect Aviation homepage for more information.

*Users must choose the worked answers assessment option to view.

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