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We are always happy to answer questions and hear your valuable feedback. We've made an attempt to answer some of the more common questions below, but feel free to email us at info@flightcrewexams.com.au

Why use an online system as opposed to a practice exam book?

There are a number of important advantages to this online system. Firstly, the questions are always kept up to date, so there is no chance of buying an ‘out of date' exam. The online system also provides you with a much more realistic practice examination experience. The questions are presented in a similar format and you will be timed as you would be in the real thing. The results appear instantaneously and the full worked answers are available.

How do I use the system?

It's an easy process. Create a personalised user account, add some examination credits and select the exam you want to do! Before you begin you simply choose your level of assessment and click start exam. The flow replicates the CASA examination system and when you have finished, submit the exam and receive your instant results and critique.

Who writes your exam questions?

Each question has been researched and written by the experienced instructional team at Ground Effect Aviation. The answers that are available have been given in line with the presumptions outlined in the applicable CASA syllabus of aeronautical knowledge.

Are they the same as the real exam questions?

The feedback we have been given by previous students who have completed our practice exams and passed the actual exams indicates that our practice exams are about as close to the real thing as you can get.

Do you have any actual exam questions on your database?

CASA have published a range of sample questions for a wide range of examination subjects that are used in actual exams. These questions along with our suggested answers are contained within our database.

Can I suspend an examination?

Yes. If something unforseen demands your attention at any time during an exam attempt, you have the option to suspend an examination, and resume exactly where you left off. Your progress will be stored in the system for 24 hours.

How many exams should I do to get an idea of where I stand?

Depending upon the exam subject you are tackling, it can be hard to gauge your aeronautical knowledge with one or two exam results. It's important to understand that with the limited number of questions in an exam, it's very unlikely you will be tested on all knowledge areas. Our feeling is that if your results are consistent over 4 to 5 exams, you will have a reasonably solid idea of your current position.

Will my results on these exams give me an indication of how I will go on the real exam?

The short answer is yes, that's the general idea. Our suggestion is that consistent high results are what you should aim for before attempting a CASA exam, not just one or two passes.

How many questions are in your database?

Our team of experts are constantly updating the question database. The calculation questions such as loading and navigation problems are all randomly generated each time, which in essence means the question database is unlimited. Your valuable feedback is most welcome; why not give us an idea of a great question?

Can I get the answers to all of the questions in the exams?

When you purchase the KDR and answers exam option, you will have access to the correct responses to the questions you have answered incorrectly for 48 hours.

Will I get the same questions from a previous exam attempt?

As a general rule no you will not, however, there are only certain ways that some questions can be posed. But due to the sheer size of our database and the fact that each question in our database is randomly generated each time it is presented, our question bank is virtually limitless. We also include smart software generation techniques that log all previously assessed items and ensure that further areas of knowledge are tested prior to similar areas of knowledge.

What is a Knowledge Deficiency Report?

A Knowledge Deficiency Report (KDR) is a handy document. It outlines specific areas of deficient knowledge based on responses selected within an exam. This gives you an easy to follow resource for further study. The CASA syllabus for each exam subject contains the required aeronautical knowledge. The questions within our practice exams are in line with the syllabus. Should you answer a question incorrectly, that area of knowledge will be published on the KDR. You may print the KDRs and use them for further study.

How do I read my Knowledge Deficiency Report?

The Knowledge Deficiency Report (KDR) for a PPL, CPL, IREX or ATPL examination is a list of aeronautical knowledge items that were assessed as incorrect in an exam attempt and is issued with the result advice for a completed examination. Each listed syllabus item comprises a paragraph number relating to the position of the item in the aeronautical knowledge component of the syllabus and a text description of the item.

For Private and Commercial Pilot Licence Examinations

The Day VFR Syllabus: http://www.casa.gov.au/fcl/download/vfras03.pdf

For Instrument Rating Examinations

Civil Aviation Order (CAO) 40.2.1: http://www.casa.gov.au/download/orders/cao40/400201.pdf

For ATPL Examinations

The ATPL Syllabus: http://www.casa.gov.au/fcl/download/atpal.pdf

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